County Hospital - Preservation

Finally, when COUNTY HOSPITAL was reissued by M-G-M in 1937 it was fitted with a wonderful, lively new incidental music score. Also H. M. Walker’s opening gag title was deleted; this device was regarded as a relic of the then ancient silent film days. Plus the main title and production credit cards were altered and modernized, curiously reflecting no technical credits.

Only this reissue version of COUNTY HOSPITAL survives. State of the art 35mm preservation material has been manufactured from the 1937 re-release elements. This nitrate conversion was performed in 1993 at Film Technology Company in Los Angeles. FICA cold storage and hoped-for perpetual life are safely administered within the archives of The Kirch Group in Munich, Germany. Not coincidentally, the specific vault is located in room 14, next to the Solarium, on the top floor.

-- by Richard W. Bann --