County Hospital - Cast & Credits

Technical Credits

Produced by   Hal Roach
Directed by   James Parrott
Photographed by   Art Lloyd
Edited by   Richard Currier and Bert Jordan
Sound by   James Greene
Dialogue by   H.M. Walker




Stan Laurel   Himself
Oliver Hardy   Himself
Doctor   Billy Gilbert
Englishman   William Austin
Officer   Sam Lufkin
Orderlies   Baldwin Cooke
Ham Kinsey
Head nurse   May Wallace
Visitor   Frank Holliday
Nurse Smith   Estelle Ettere
Other nurses   Lilyan Irene
Dorothy Layton


Production and Distribution

  • Laurel & Hardy series
  • Production number L-8
  • Principal photography: Monday, February 15, through Thursday, February 22, 1932
  • Working title: FORTY WINKS
  • Two reels, 1,754 feet, 19 minutes and 29 seconds
  • Released June 25, 1932 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
  • Copyright May 31, 1932 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
    Copyright renewed February 17, 1960 by Hal Roach Studios
    (copyright having been assigned in 1956)

-- by Richard W. Bann --