Be Big - Period Reviews

 THE FILM DAILY: "Swell comedy. Another nifty from the Hal Roach plant. It has the audience laughing even before the action starts, this being due to the distinctively clever introductory music, which is followed out in appropriate design and tempo throughout the picture. Sending their wives on ahead to Atlantic City for a vacation, Laurel and Hardy prepare to doll themselves up in riding togs for a stag party at a hunting club. Most of the comedy revolves around Hardy's efforts to get his right foot into his boot --- and then to get it out when he discovers he has Laurel's boots instead of his own. Will please anywhere."

MOTION PICTURE HERALD: "Amusing. As is quite usual with the Laurel and Hardy efforts this one is well spotted with good laughs. There are plenty of very funny situations, particularly the sequence in which various doorbells have chimes and musical horn notes, which is quite clever. It merely concerns Hardy's efforts to get to a stag affair in their honor in Atlantic City, by playing sick."