Their Purple Moment - Period Reviews

THE NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR: "THEIR PURPLE MOMENT, at the Capitol, is not the feature, but it is a classic of the slapstick school. Actual howls go up all over the house, provoked by the pair of escaped husbands. The two comedians are marvelous, plump Mr. Hardy with his arch little smile, lean Mr. Laurel with his embarrassing inclination to burst into tears."

"THEIR PURPLE MOMENT is superlative slapstick. The gags are unforced and logical. The two stars are master comedians."

MOTION PICTURE NEWS: "What appears to be the best comedy team in present day short subjects -- Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy -- appear in this new Hal Roach comedy, invested with an amazing amount of laughter and replete with really funny happenings. Is it as good as THE FINISHING TOUCH and that other laughable affair in which they were washing machine salesmen? No, not quite as good. But even when this pair is offered an average assortment of gags they give vent to a humor fare above the ordinary comedies."

"Laurel is a dandy comedian; in this comedy he fares better than does Hardy. Laurel is subjected to a long close-up showing his bewilderment and consternation when he finds out what is in his wallet. The comedy benefits from a repetition of one gag -- that of a waiter continually falling over Laurel. Much of it is slapstick but it is effective."

-- by Richard W. Bann --