Their Purple Moment -In the Cast

The original credits contained a cast list card with an unusually long list of names, including unusual billing for Tiny Sandford.....

Anita Garvin
Kay Deslys
Fay Holderness
S. J. Sandford
Lyle Tayo
Leo Willis

Not billed was the ubiquitous Jack Hill. No one was supposed to notice that he was given two bit parts to play in the same film.


Also not billed was the town gossip, played by Patsy O'Byrne. "Fine day for mischief," she says with defiance eyeing Stan and Ollie. In CHICKENS COME HOME Ms. O'Byrne essays basically the same role. She can also be glimpsed again in SAPS AT SEA (1940), IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934), and THE ROAD TO RIO (1947). In 1968 she died at the Motion Picture Country Hospital in Woodland Hills, age 82.

Fay Holderness played Stan's wife in THEIR PURPLE MOMENT. She objected to Stan's stashing loot and philandering. Two years later in HOG WILD Fay Holderness played Ollie's wife. So much for philandering. Evidently one constant remained her interest in Asian entertainment. In THEIR PURPLE MOMENT, Stan presents her with a wonderful gift, a Chinese phonograph record. In HOG WILD the boys labor to fix a radio aerial because, as Ollie explains, "Mrs. Hardy wants to get Japan."

-- by Richard W. Bann --