Should Married Men Go Home? - Production Sidelights

Of practically no consequence is the observation that the handwriting on the note Stan Laurel leaves for the Hardys, as shown in an insert, was not his. Laurel did write a note that he used in the scene; the signature is clearly Stan Laurel's. Almost two months later, on May 2, when director Lloyd French shot inserts allowing us to actually read the note, neither Laurel nor his note were available, or more likely no one cared about that degree of authenticity! Then, now or ever - who would notice?

The film's title is yet another variation on the then current vogue at Hal Roach Studios for naming short subject releases. Other examples include Mabel Normand's SHOULD MEN WALK HOME? Charley Chase's SHOULD HUSBANDS BE WATCHED? Clyde Cook's SHOULD HUSBANDS PAY? And also his SHOULD SAILORS MARRY? Stan Laurel's SHOULD TALL MEN MARRY? Arthur Stone's SHOULD LANDLORDS LIVE? Max Davidson's SHOULD WOMEN DRIVE? And also his SHOULD SECOND HUSBANDS COME FIRST?

Before a recent "Monday Manly Night" screening at the Playboy Mansion, PLAYBOY magazine founder Hugh M. Hefner answered the question of the hour for inquiring manly men everywhere. When all is said and done, should married men go home?

Without any hesitation whatsoever in PLAYBOY advisor answered cheerfully, confidently, "Not if they have a better option!"

Men should be guided accordingly, and women, in the tradition of Kay Deslys, should stock up on rolling pins.

-- by Richard W. Bann --