The Battle of the Century - Period Revirews

EXHIBITORS HERALD AND MOVING PICTURE WORLD used to carry a unique feature entitled WHAT THE PICTURE DID FOR ME. Exhibitors, rather than critics, would send in raw, frank, direct assessments reflecting how patrons received pictures shown in a particular theatre. On February 4, 1928, J.C. Kennedy of the Empress Theatre in Akron, Iowa, wrote of THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY, "Plenty good. This pair are making some real laugh getters."


So he liked it. No windy disquisition, just a simple, straight verdict. Another typical assessment of BATTLE was submitted the following week by Andy Anderson of the Dayton Theatre, in Dayton, Ohio: "Absolutely the best comedy I have ever played and I don't mean maybe. Hal Roach comedies are in a class all by themselves."

-- by Richard W. Bann --