Sons of the Desert - Cast & Credits

Technical Credits

Produced by   Hal Roach
Directed by   William A. Seiter
Associate direction by   Lloyd French
Story by   Frank Craven
Uncredited written material by   Hal Roach, Stan Laurel, Eddie Welch, Jack Barty, Glenn Tryon, and Frank Terry
Continuity by   Byron Morgan
Photographed by   Kenneth Peach
Edited by   Bert Jordan
Sound recorded by   Harry Baker
Dance direction by   Dave Bennett


Stan Laurel   Himself
Oliver Hardy   Himself
Charley Chase   Himself
Mrs. Lottie Chase Hardy   Mae Busch
Mrs. Betty Laurel
(part originally slated for Patsy Kelly)
  Dorothy Christy/Christie
Doctor Horace Meddick, veterinarian   Lucien Littlefield
Exalted/Exhausted Ruler   John Elliott
Sons of the Desert members  

Charley Young
John Merton
William Gillespie
Charles McAvoy Robert (Bobby) Burns
Al Thompson
Eddie Baker
Jimmy Aubrey
Chet Brandenberg
Don Brodie

Assistant Exalted Rulers   Sidney Jarvis
Charles Giblyn
Lead Hula Dancer   Charita
Bartender   Harry Bernard
Police Officer   Harry Bernard
Man who introduces Steamship official   Baldwin Cooke
Extras at the Sons of the Desert conclave   Baldwin Cooke
Lillian Moore
Nina Quartaro
Brooks Benedict
Dress extra at table next to Chase's   Ellen Corby
Brawny speakeasy managers   Stanley Blystone
Max Wagnerl
Marvin Hatley   Himself, playing piano with the orchestra
Theatre extra in front of
Mae Busch
  Lillian DeBorba
Doorman   Pat Harmon
Sons convention crooner   Ty Parvis
Crowd extras during
Steamship radiogram
  Tony Campanaro
Virginia Ruth Rogers Laurel
Blade Stanhope Conway/Bob Cummings
People parading in the Sons newsreel footage   The Santa Monica Lodge of Elks
Sons of the Desert, Oasis 13, crowd dress extras   The Hollywood and also Glendale American Legion Posts
Voice-over as
Mr. Russett/Ruttledge
  Billy Gilbert





Production and Distribution

  • Laurel & Hardy series
  • Production number F-4
  • Principal photography: Monday, October 2 through Monday, October 23, 1933.
  • Seven reels, 6,376 feet, 70 minutes
  • Released December 29,1933 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
  • Copyright December 27, 1933 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
    Copyright renewed December 28, 1960 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.