Our Relations - Cast & Credits

Technical Credits

Hal Roach Studios presented A Stan Laurel Production (meaning, associate producer: Stan Laurel)

Production supervised by   L.A. French
Directed by   Harry Lachman
Assistant direction by   Chet Brandenberg
Photographed by   Rudolph Maté
Special photographic effects by   Roy Seawright
Edited by   Bert Jordan
Suggested by the short story THE MONEY BOX by   William Wymark Jacobs
Screen story by   Richard Connell
Felix Adler
Adapted by   Charles Rogers
Jack Jevne
Uncredited written material by   Harrington Reynolds
Clarence Hennecke
Mauri Grashin
Stan Laurel
Art Direction by   Arthur I. Royce
Musical score and direction by   LeRoy Shield
Sound recorded by   William Randall
Production assistance by   Charlie Hall




Stan Laurel   Himself
Alf Laurel   Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy   Himself
Bert Hardy   Oliver Hardy
Joe Groagan,
proprietor and waiter
  Alan Hale
Captain of the S.S. Periwinkle   Sidney Toler
Mrs. Daphne "Mama" Hardy   Daphne Pollard
Mrs. Betty "Bubbles" Laurel   Betty Healy
Fin, the chief engineer   James Finlayson
Alice, beer garden girl   Iris Adrian
Lily, other moll doll   Lona Andre
Gangsters   Ralf Harolde
Noel MadisonDrunk
Drunk   Arthur Housman
Night court drunk   Jim Kilganon
Bartenders   James C. Morton
Lee Phelps
Baldwin Cooke
Nick Copland
Police officers   Harry Bernard
Harry Arras
Charles A. Bachman
Harry Neilman
Grubby wharf rats   Joe Bordeaux
Billy Engle
Bob O'Connor
Stanley Sandfor
Mrs. Addlequist,
gossipy neighbor
  Ruth Warren
First mate   John Kelly
Doorman, Pirate Club   Jim Pierce
A and Z Pawn Shop clerk   Charlie Hall
Seamen   Art Rowlands
Harry Wilson
Cab driver   Bob Wilbur
Judge Polk
(part originally slated for Richard Carle, and then Ed McWade)
  Del Henderson
Bailiff, "Mister Clerk"
(part originally slated for Harry Bernard)
  Fred Holmes
Tough guy, "Toughie"   Constantine Romanoff
Fin's friend, "Snuffy"   Walter Taylor
Waiters   Sam Lufkin
Alex Pollard
Special delivery messenger boy (part originally slated for Charlie Hall)   Bobby Dunn
Paddy wagon officer   Charles McMurphy
Bit in courtroom   Leo Sulkey
Courtroom extras   Dick Gilbert
Jack Cooper
Ray Cooke
New York tenement district outdoors extra   Alice Cooke
Denker's Beer Garden dress extra   Baldwin Cooke
Alex Finlayson
Margo Sage
Mary Sage
Sammy Brooks
Tony Campanaro
Irma Campanaro
Madeline Nolan
Wilda George/Foxie Hall
Frances Hall
Bunny Bronson
Pirate Club dress extras   Buddy Messenger
Gertie Messenger Sharpe
David Sharpe
Dulce Daye
Polly (Parrott) Chase
Rita Dunn
Virginia Grey
Bill Madsen
Marvel Andre
Bob Finlayson
Rosemary Theby
Mildred June
Estelle Ettere
Gertrude Astor
Rose Langdon
Edna Waldron
Crete Sipple
Jack Egan
Jack Hill
Birthday cake waitress   Wilda George/Foxie Hall
Doubles   Cy Slocum
Charlie Phillips
Ed Brandenberg
Ham Kinsey
Bobby Dunn
Jerry Breslin
Girl in framed photo,
captain's office
  Martha Sleeper
Fat bathing girl in photo   June Gittelson







Production and Distribution

  • Laurel & Hardy series
  • Production number F-ll
  • Working title: THE MONEY BOX
  • Principal photography: Monday, March l6 through Saturday, May 9, l936.
  • Eight reels, 6,946 feet, 74 minutes
  • Released October 30, l936 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
  • Copyright September 29, l936 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Distributing Corp.
  • Copyright renewed November l, l963 by Hal Roach Studios
    (copyright having been assigned in l956)