Ask Lois Laurel-Hawes


December 2010

Dear Lois
Its a real pleasure to be writing this question to you. First i just want to say how much joy your father brought into my life i am only 19 years of age but i still remember my grandfather showing me Laurel and Hardy for the first time when i was 10 i couldnt stop crying with laughter so on behalf of me and all my family thank you for the laughs your father brought. My question is a simple one did Stan follow football and if so who? There has been great debate about this among my family.

Thank you for your time Lois
All the best

Aaron Rook (Newcastle England)

Lois says she doubts her father followed football inasmuch as it would not have been covered in the Los Angeles media. She thinks he played rugby when he was in school.

Regards, Richard


November 2010

Hello, i recently read that your dad went to school for a short period in Rutherglen, Glasgow. Is that the case and how fond of Scotland was he really? My friends and I speak on a regular basis of the funniest men ever.

Mark Mcnutt (Scotland)

"Yes, that is true. But he was not there very long. And yes, he was fond of the place. I know he went back there once to find the widow of his brother, Gordon, whose name was Lilly. I think they had a daughter named Eileen."


October 2010

Hi Lois, I was an air steward with BOAC/BA.  Jack Stevenson, a fellow worker, was, I think, secretary of the Laurel & Hardy UK Appreciation Society, or similar title. He asked me to look out for you on a USA (Chicago?) to London trip.  I met you, absolutely charming, upgraded you to Club, and you subsequently sent me that photo with your father, signed by you, saying that you would always fly BA.  Do you remember this?
 The picture is framed on the wall,and it's always a huge topic of conversation with any visitors I have.  
 Thank you so much.  Very best wishes,

 Tim (Templeton)
 Retired 2001 BA Cabin Crew.

"I remember that, yes. I still hear from Jack. He was head purser, I think that was the title. If you see Jack tell him I said, 'Whatever happened to Wacky Jackie?'"

Dear Mrs Laurel I want to ask you which is your favourite film of your father and can you please tell me which cars drove your father and Mr Hardy in the fifties and sixties. It is a great honour to write you, I am watching the films of your father hundreds of hours, as long as I live he has a place in my heart, kind regards

Günter Pollakowski (Germany/ Melle)

"Hardy did not drive a big car, but I do not remember what it was. My father drove a Chrysler, then a Chevrolet, then a Mercury."

hi lois,pleasure to communicate with you,your father was a comedy genius,my question is,i know your father lived in the states for a long time,but what english customs did he always adhere too,did he still drink tea? eat yorkshire pudding?fish and chips etc.

thankyou darren (lancashire,england)

"Yes, my father sure did continue enjoying all of those things, and I will tell you one more English custom he loved and that's "treacle pudding," which you probably know is a dessert, a peasant food."

Dear Lois,
at first thank you for answering all our questions, and for the TV Interviews I have seen ,I have a big place for you and your Father in my Heart, the Laurels seems to be a wonderful Family. I watched Stan & Olli since I was a kid and today with 50 years I love it more than ever and Im happy to get all the Films on DVD today.
Question: In one Film (Here called "Die Salontiroler") is your Father & Olli in Switzerland to sell Mousetraps. Was they really here in Switzerland to film it or was it on a similar place in America?  If yes, was your Father ever in Switzerland?

Thank you, Bruno (Switzerland, Zürich)

"SWISS MISS was filmed entirely at Hal Roach Studios in Culver City with some few things done at exterior locations around town. I think my father went through Switzerland several times, but did not perform there as far as I know. And one time he hoped to see Charlie Chaplin in Vevey but was unable to do so."

Lois ,thanks for the interresting answer in my first question. Can I ask a second one?
Your Father and Ollie must have loved music, because they was singing in any Films. What kind of music did your Father love private?
What did he say to rock n roll who cames up in the 50s and the early 60s?
In the Film (from German translated )called "Two was riding to Texas" was the great scene where Stan & Ollie was dancing to a Band who was sitting outside of a Saloon. Was this a real existing Band or only for the Film? I like this song.

"My father liked the English Hall tunes he heard growing up and as a young man. He was very polite about popular music of the 1960s, but did not care for it. The Beatles were his countrymen so he would not say anything unflattering about them."
Concerning WAY OUT WEST the musical group was called The Avalon Boys, an authentic group, fairly well known at the time.

Hi Lois,
This may be a silly question but I'm wondering how Stan wiggled his ears in some of the films. Thanks,

Ed Stronski (USA/Abingdon, Maryland)

"Imagine a kind of fishing tackle which does not photograph and is attached to the ears and pulled gently from behind the camera."


September 2010

Dear Lois,
What an honor it is to get to write to you. I am 19 and I have been watching L&H movies for many, many years.
During many of your Father's movies, he worked with Mae Busch. Did they get on even though many times on-screen they didn't? Did you ever get to meet her, if so what was she like?

I wish you all the very best,
James Warrender

"I was too little to know, really, but I met Mae Busch, and remember she was very nice, although it was true of everyone I knew at Hal Roach Studios. Everyone was nice."

Dear Lois
Its a privilege to be able to write to you, I have loved Laurel and Hardy films all my life, I recently had the opportunity to spend a day in LA, which I spent 3 hours with my 14 year old son in a hired car trying to find the steps from "The Music Box" which we eventually did, it was a surprisingly moving experience to think that we were standing on the same spot as Stan and Ollie. My question is this:- Did your Dad ever feel tempted or put under pressure to take out American Citizenship.

Regards Boyd

"No, he felt no pressure. He felt he had worked and lived here all his life, and loved America, but he was a British citizen first. So there was no need to take out USA citizenship."


August 2010

When will they show your dad's movies on TV again.  I would love to see them and show my kids.

Nich (USA/Trenton, NJ)

Lois says, "They are licensed to TCM." So find them there. Maybe contact TCM and ask them to run L&H more often.
Regards, Richard

there will never be a Laurel and hardy again they both wrote the book on great comedy. I am 53 years old and wish I could have met them in there day. did you know your grandparents? And where they awhere of how big your father was as far as a movie star?

Joe Minarik (USA)

Lois answers, "Yes, definitely, to both questions."
I can add that Lois has been working on a book about her grandfather.
Regards, Richard

Dear Lois,
What a pleasure to write you. From what I've read your daddy just adored you. I've always wondered what he was like when he was "out of character" and just at home with you and family. Was your father easy going? Did he have much off-duty time just to be a regular guy? I know he took his work seriously, but did you and he have any hobbies or enjoy any special activities when you were growing up? Thanks in advance.

Rich, "Doting father of 4 girls"

"My father was not always 'on,' the way certain other comedians were, you know, all the time. But comedy was his business, so he had a certain way of looking at things, to find the comedy. Being funny was part of his nature, and when it was called for, he could make others laugh easily. He had his hobbies, which included fishing and organic gardening. I enjoyed visiting him at Hal Roach Studios, the best playground any kid could have!"

Hi Lois,
When your father  was not filming when Babe has gone was he always writing letters to his fans  and signing autograph or did he just retire?

Hana (UK)

The answer is well known among L&H fans: Yes, Stan Laurel did absolutely retire and refused all professional engagements. He did, however, for the sake of his own amusement, continue to write Laurel & Hardy gags as they occurred to him, usually on little scraps of paper.


June 2010

Dear Lois,
Warm greetings from the sunny East Midlands. I'm currently writing a feature for the Leicestershire Chronicle about Stan's visits to his sister Olga's pub in Bottesford, Leicestershire, in the 1950s. I have a lovely photograph of Stan and Ollie with their wives inside the Bull Inn from either April 1952 or December 1953. (Apparently her Dad
even got behind the bar and pulled pints for a few of the locals).

My question for Lois is: How close were Stan and his sister Olga? And does Lois remember her Dad saying anything about going to the pub?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. If Lois would like, I will gladly send over the photo.
PPS. I would like to use Lois's response in the feature.

Lois says she knew her father "did go to that pub," she remembers, "and he had Christmas dinner there in the 1950s with Babe." About Olga, "Oh yes, my father was close to Olga, but their communication was restricted pretty much to letters and the phone because Olga was afraid of heights and would not fly. People wondered if they were estranged because Olga did not appear on the THIS IS YOUR LIFE program for Laurel & Hardy. But it was simply that they could not get her to Los Angeles in time because she would not fly. Once some friends did manage to get her to go up on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but she became too terrified to go down!"
Regards, Richard
P.S. Sure, you may quote Lois. You could either scan the photo and e-mail it to me, or send it via the snail mail. But I would think e-mailing is the best way for you. Either way I can see that Lois gets it because I am here in Los Angeles. Lois believes the photo would have to be from December because of the Christmas dinner she heard about.

Hello Lois,
I'm Lisa, 17 years old and I'm from Germany. Last Christmas my parents gave me some movies of your father and Olli. Since this time I'm a big big fan. I also have a question.
I read that your father and Charlie Chaplin were good friends when they played for Fred Karno. In a documentary it was said that Chaplin becames arrogant when he started to make films and your father and he have got arguments. Is it right?
Do you know much about your fathers time by Fred Karno?
I would be really happy about a short answer
Yours sincerly, Lisa

"Chaplin and my father remained friends all through the years, but as they got older it did get more difficult to find time to get together. So do not believe everything you hear! Fred Karno was not as creative as one might have imagined, nor was he the best businessman because I know he usually spent too much money on things he did."

Hello and thanks kindly in advance for at very least your perusal (if not communication) of this "short" missive...
I just wanted to bring to your attention the fact that round the corner from me is the lovely old building formerly known as the Palace Theatre, Plymouth, where your dad and Ollie played their final UK "gig" (before ill health etc). The theatre is now falling into disrepair and it saddens me to think what will happen to this wonderful slice of history if nothing is done about it! I just wondered if there was anything you could do (i.e. even to have your backing would count for a lot!!) to help? There are a few groups campaigning to bring the old theatre back to life, and if I could (at least) forward on your support to them then I would be most grateful!! I am happy to liase with both them and you if required...and if there is anything else you can think of that may help then it would mean a lot to all concerned. I know this sort of thing happens all over the country (and indeed worldwide) with old theatres/music halls etc where lovely old buildings fall into either the wrong hands or just fall, but as this was the last place L&H ever did an "official" concert, it seemed to me of particular importance. (One of the only bits at the theatre that is still in good condition is a brass plaque version of the L&H billing poster set into the pavement outside the building!!)
Many many thanks in advance, both for reading this, and (although it is impossible to do so in person) a million thanks for the many years of laughter that your dad and Ollie have brought (and still continue to bring) to me and my family.

All my love,
Andy Savage
(Plymouth, UK)

"Thank you for some of those nice sentiments. Of course there is nothing I can do to help save that theatre, except to wish you the best of luck in your efforts. Just keep talking to people, and if enough people care, someone will find a way to prevail. Trust and try!"

Did Stan have any type of relationship with Andy Griffith or Don Knotts? What did he think of the Andy Griffith show or them as comedians?

Thank you so much - Brad (Arkansas)

"Not to my knowledge, I can't recall my father expressing any opinion on their style of comedy. I should imagine he would have approved."

Hello lois
First i must say i have loved these to gentlemen i used to love watching with my dad cracking up laughing and i would love to have met them years ago.Are you the only living relative and where do you
live in the usa do a lot of people still reconise you Thanks for your time.

David Sheppard (England)

"My cousin Nancy lives in England, and I live in Los Angeles. Through the years lots of people have approached me being Stan Laurel's daughter, but usually because they already knew who my father was!"

Hello, Lois!
I was just wondering, have you ever read the biography of your father, "Stan" by Fred Guiles and, if so, is the information within accurate? Thank you!

Missy (Los Angeles, California)

"The book was published after Ruth (Virginia Ruth Rogers Laurel) died, so the facts had been embellished and there were many mistakes. So I do not recommend it."

Hello, Lois.
1. When is your birthday?
2. Did you ever play with the dog "Laughing Gravy " ?
3. Did Stan And Ollie ever do any commercial endorsements ?
4. Do you have any other famous ancestors ?
Regards From NYC, Robert

"My birthday is December 10. Yes, Laurel & Hardy did commercial endorsements, but not many. My grandfather was a pretty important impresario of shows in England. I did play with Laughing Gravy, at the studio ranch. I loved the moneys there, too."

Thank you for giving me this privileged opportunity to ask you a question!You are truly a wonderful lady!Actually I have two questions for you:Did your dear father ever express wanting to do something that he never got to do? Maybe a project or comedy sketch,hobbie or personal venture ...and what would he say is greatly missing or needed in comedy today? Ithank you in advance for your answer!

Gabriel Tristan (USA/Orange CA)

"My father would have loved to open and operate a stationary store! And he would lament the lack of good writers in comedy today."


May 2010

I'm 47 years old and have been a fan since I was a small boy, my son is 16 years old and is also now as big a fan as I am of your fathers and Mr Hardy's work. True testament, as if it were needed, as to their genius.

My question:
I have often wondered if the person credited with their dialogue on the credits of their films, "H.M.Walker" was actually a pseudonym for your father?

Thank you for your time and my thanks always to your father and Mr Hardy for being able to make me cry with laughter.

Jon Pritchard (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)

Dear Jon,
I knew the answer without calling Lois, but I also knew she would get a kick out of your fine letter, and so she did. She laughed! H.M. Walker was a real person, someone Hal Roach thought a lot of.

where did the saying come from another find mess you've gotton us into ollie

leslie kohen (usa florida)

"I don't know. Maybe my Dad heard it. Maybe one of them (Laurel or Hardy) thought of it spontaneously, or maybe H.M. Walker wrote it for them."

I'm from Germany your Father is my fvourite Comedian. I have read often that the older brother of your Father Gordon Jefferson died in October 1938. When date is he died and why is he death? Was he married? Had he Children?

Love Great
Sabrina S.

Dear Sabrina,
Lois says her father "knew Buster Keaton quite well and they were dear freinds," she explains. "But I am not sure if my Dad knew Chico Marx at all. I understand Chico was a friend of Hal Roach because of the Santa Anita racetrack. As for my uncle Gordon, he died in a hospital in 1938. He married Lilly, and they had a daughter named Eileen but we have not been in touch."
Regards, Richard

hi lois. its so great to talk to you:) well my question is what was it like to grow up with stan as a father. i am also doin a prject on your father and uncle and i am writin some scripts on my own and would you have any tips on how to write a funny script and you may think this is weird quetion comin from a 14 year old but i might as well start somewhere:D
take care:) lots of love xxx

zoe holmes (ireland/ navan)

Dear Zoe,
Lois answers, "Writing a funny script is a tremendous undertaking. I know what hard work it is. I never had any skill at it. Try hard, and I think my father would agree that it is wonderful you want to make people laugh."
Regards, Richard (100% Irish heritage and proud of it!)

Hi Lois, I was wondering if you could shed any light on what became of David Leland who played the boy king in Nothing But Trouble. Reports say he died at age 16. Do you know this to be true? It remains a bit of a mystery as to what became of him.

LHFan (UK)

"David Leland is deceased, and lived quite a while here in Los Angeles, but we did not know it until he passed on."


April 2010

Dear Lois,
as you know there is a lost film of your father and mr Hardy known as Hats
off. Have you ever seen this film?

Dear Kostas,
Lois has never seen HATS OFF.
Regards, Richard

Dear Lois                                              
Did Mr Hardy ever wanted to have kids of his own?Did his wife had kids from a fromer marriage?

william herbst (u.s. el paso tx.)

"Oliver Hardy loved children, and he loved me, and he would always light up the minute he saw me come onto the set. He would sing me a song, pick me up, bounce me on his knee, make a fuss over me. He was wonderful. Later it was the same way with my kids Laurie and Randy. He loved children. The reason he had none of his own was that he thought it would not be fair to have a family, because he was so devoted to his career. And of course he was also busy with his outside interests at the Lakeside Golf Club."

Hello Lois,
It is a great honour to be able to send this message to the daughter of a true comedic great. I read somewhere that Dick Van Dyke was a good friend of your fathers in his latter years and even bought him a t.v. could you
confirm if this is true please?

steve cowdroy (cleethorpes, england)

Dear Steve,
Lois says that it was not Dick Van Dyke but rather the Laurel & Hardy Fan Club of America ( a predecessor to the Sons of the Desert) which bought and gave to Stan Laurel his first color TV set.
Regards, Richard

Do you watch the comedy classics often?

"No, not that often."

Hey Lois... I really hope you read this with interest:) I'm 14 and just recently I have become a massive fan of your father!!! I could watch him and babe all day everyday:) Well I have two questions but if you answer just one I'll be so happy:) My first one is what was it like to grow up with Stan as a father?? My second question is did stan ever give you tips of how to do his jokes??? well the are silly questions but I really want to know but I would still be happy just knowing you have red them:) thanks xxxx

Zoe Holmes (Ireland / Navan)

"My father used to run gags by me, to test them, but he didn't tell jokes, nor was I interested in telling any, so there were no tips involved!"


March 2010

Dear Lois,

I hope this note finds you well.

This may seem a rather strange request, but I couldn't help but reach out to you when I found this Web site. I am a cousin of Barbara Bates, and in doing research, I learned that you were one of her closest friends during her time in Hollywood.

I just recently found out that I am related to her, and since then, I feel compelled to keep her history alive. Like Barbara, I am a young woman from Denver who moved to Hollywood with big dreams. I guess you could say I feel
an amazing connection to her. I have been creating a scrapbook with photos, newspaper clips and anything else I can find to learn more about Barbara.

I know that this forum is meant for questions about your amazingly talented father, but I'm wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your time with Barbara. It would mean so much to me to hear what she was like from someone who was close to her while she was living in L.A.

Thank you for reading this and considering my request. I wish you all the best.

Warmest regards,
Kelsey (Los Angeles)

Dear Kelsey,
I know Barbara Bates appeared in some of the Hal Roach streamliners following the war. Lois says, "Barabara Bates was the sweetest girl, but she married an older man who had served as a press agent for Mary Pickford. He was sort of a Svengali-type who was always on her case. She lived with us (when I was married to Rand Brooks) in our guest house, like Jock Mahoney did."

Richard W. Bann  

Hi, Lois & Richard:
Here is wishing you both all the best. My wife Patricia and I are friends of Dorothy DeBorba and Scott Linker. Thee is a good chance that we will be in L.A. for the week of Memorial Day. I know this is an unusual and rather forward request for which I apologize in advance. I humbly and respectfully wonder if Lois might be open to giving us the honor of taking her to lunch if she would like. I know this might be an unsual request and it goes without saying we do not think it is likely to happen, but we do not travel much due to my wife's health issues and we would love to give back in some way to Lois and, in turn, pay respects to Stan and Babe. Either way, all good health and all of life's happiness to Lois and Richard Bann and your families for all you do in keeping the essence of the greatest of all comedy moving forward. The world needs the laughter and smiles now as much, if not, more than ever. Either way, all love and respect to you Lois. It is an honor just to be able to write this and say hello to you.


Vincent (Las Vegas)

Dear Vincent,

Lois just had some minor surgery and while she much appreciates the offer, she also declines. But she is grateful for your kind words, and sends her best regards.


Richard: Thanks so much for your response and please give Lois all our best in healing from her surgery. May she continue to improve and be happy in mind and spirit. My wife has been paraplegic for 22 years so we understand the struggle. Please keep Dorothy in your thoughts as well. We talk to her weekly and give her all the love that she can use. And thank you, Richard, for all you have done and continue to do with respect to the remarkable legacy of the Hal Roach film legacy.

Sincerely, Vincent

Dear Vincent,
Thank you for those kind words. Dorothy is a great lady. You can tell her that some friends and I will be touring the former Republic Studios next week.
Regards, Richard

Dear Lois,

As I watch my new Laurel & Hardy DVD Collection with much enjoyment I'm now noticing and realizing for the first time that many of their story lines were "stolen" (for lack of a better word) by the Three Stooges. Several of the scripts seemed nearly identical.

Did Stan and Babe ever get to know the Howard brothers and Larry Fine? And if so, was anything ever mentioned about the fact that much of what the Three Stooges did was first done by Laurel & Hardy?

Ed Stronski (Abingdon, MD)

Lois says, "My father used to say, 'All comedians steal from all comedians.' He was close to Ted Healy, and remained good friends with Betty Healy the rest of his life. But I cannot say about the Howards. I do remember that Abbott & Costello and their wives came over for dinner plenty of times during the 1940s and my father shared ideas with them, and gave them advice."
In our conversation today I asked Lois if she was up for attending lunch tomorrow at the Culver City Hotel, which Chuck McCann and I and some other L&H friends do every Wednesday. She surprised me with a tidbit I did not know. John Wayne and partners including Red Skelton once owned the hotel, but what I had not heard was that son Michael Wayne used to work there as the elevator operator. About twenty years ago, periodically he would see Lois and her late husband Tony Hawes socially, and he told them that some of the most fun times his family had was when John Wayne would bring home a batch of Laurel & Hardy 16mm prints for everyone to watch!
We know that after making THE FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN together, John Wayne wanted Oliver Hardy to be his sidekick in movies, but Mr. Hardy explained his first loyalty was to his partner, Mr. Laurel. I just provided the only text for an expensive John Wayne picture book and sure wish I could have added such news!


February 2010

Big fan of Laurel & Hardy.  Did your father ever see or talk about "The Honeymooners"?  Jackie Gleason and Art Carney had to have been influenced  by L&H.  Did your father ever meet them?  What was his thoughts on "The Honeymooners"?

Ryan Mooney (Staten Island, NY )

Lois replies, "My father loved THE HONEYMOONERS, but honestly, I know he was never for anyone impersonating them. I do not know if he ever met Gleason or Carney. They lived in New York, and he was here in Los Angeles."
Chuck McCann gave me a photo of himself at dinner with Art Carney and Mr. and Mrs. Al Kilgore and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Barbour.

Dear Lois,
Hope you are well.
My question is how did Babe's famous and priceless "stare into the camera" reaction in response to something Stan did, begin? Thanks so much!

Ed Stronski (USA/Abingdon)

"Babe did that going way back in his career, breaking the so-called 'fourth wall' and looking into the camera. When, early on, he would do it mostly after scenes at the Roach studios, people like Roach and the director and my father would laugh in the screening room viewing the rushes. So when it was approrpriate to use in the films, they would. But Babe knew when to do it. You can read a good story about this concerning Hardy's golf game in McCabe's original book."

You mentioned great grandchildren being on the Bonnie Hunt show can you tell us how many chilren and grandchildren you have and did your father get to see them and enjoy them often?

beverly(duluth minn)

"My father got to know only my son and daughter but not their kids or grandchildren, three of which live with me. The two kids you may have seen various times on the Bonnie Hunt show are twins named Tommy and Lucy."

Hi. As I watch the Laurel & Hardy Collection I purchased for Christmas I began to wonder if either Stan or Ollie ever got hurt doing any of their own stunts they did in their films? Thanks for your time.

Regards, Ed S (USA/Abingdon, MD)

"Oh yes, with all that physical activity, the pratfalls and action, they were regularly bruised and hurt, but nothing major. Ham Kinsey and the Brandenberg brothers stood in for my father, and Charlie Phillips and Cy Slocum stood in for Babe. Back then they didn't call them stunt men; they were stand-ins."

Lois, do you have any contact with, or knowledge of, your Bushby relatives? Your gt grandmother Sarah and my gt grandmother Margaret were sisters.  It is interesting that your married name is Hawes, as that is where the Bushbys, and your grandmother, Madge Metcalfe, were born.

Regards, Vera (Edinburgh, Scotland)

"I have the birth certificate for Madge. I have been in contact with Nellie Bushby's niece. I believe Sarah was born in Ulverston and Madge in Hawes. I do have a family tree here somewhere. Madge's oldest son, and my father's older brother, Gordon Jefferson, was from Glasgow. He lived there, but was born in Ulverston."


January 2010

From research I am currently doing I have found that on Stan's draft registration in 1917 he was registered as Deaf. This is something that I can't find any other reference to anywhere - can you advise if this was actually the case? If so then his career is even more extraordinary! By the way, A J Jefferson Stan's father was I believe born here in Lichfield!

Dave Crump (Lichfield, Staffordshire)

"I have my Dad's draft registration here somewhere. But what he always said to people was, 'I had flat feet.' He definitely was not hearing impaired in any way whatsoever!"

HI Richard , could you ask Lois is she ever visited England and Wales on holiday with her dad and where they went and what they did ?


Lois answers, "I never crossed the pond with my Dad, but when I married Tony (Hawes), I did live in England during 1980, 1981 and part of 1982."
Regards, Richard

Dear Lois,
If Stan was not a United States citizen,how was he allowed to live and work in the united states?
Did Stan ever visit Ollies birthplace in Harlem,Georgia?

Stephen Maize

"He applied for a work permit, and he had to report to the federal government on an annual basis. The requirements are different today, and I do not believe it is done that way any longer."

I was wondering if you played with or met the sons and daughters of the actors your father worked with and if so, do you remember ever playing with "Tiny" Sandford's son and or daughter?  I am "Tiny's" granddaughter and since he did 23 films with your father I was curious...

Loreen Sandford (USA/Riverbank, CA)

"No, I do not recall meeting children of Tiny Sandford. At the studio, I often played with the Our Gang kids. Dorothy DeBorba remains a close friend and I will be speaking with her tomorrow, letting her know when to watch my two great-grandchildren appear again on THE BONNIE HUNT TV show. When I visited the studio I often had lunch with my Dad in his dressing room, or with the Our Gang kids at the Our Gang Cafe. They usually ate in a special section with their school teacher, Miss Carter. But as for kids of other people at the studio, all I can think of is that I dated the son of Len Powers (the cameraman) for a while."

Did your father have any influence on your accent whilst growing up?

Rob Pilcher (Bristol, Tennessee, formerly Hampshire, England)

Lois responds: "I had an English-Scottish nanny, and so between her and my father I did pick up lots of English expressions, but no accent." Which is true, because Lois has no accent, even though she married an Englishman, Tony Hawes.  
Regards, Richard


Ask Lois by Richard W. Bann