Lois Laurel-Hawes Letter of 17th May, 1999

Just over two years ago, Doctors orders forced me to take hiatus from all social, travel & Sons of the Desert fun. Being off my feet (except three hours a day) I have had time to really dig back into closets and cupboards of my Laurel and Hardy World. It has been awesome at times re-discovering letters, scripts, photos and the like to just relish and enjoy. So many new and descriptive items to add to my intended book files, which is still at least three years from completion. At least now it's filed properly - now if I can just remember WHICH cupboard I've put everything back into....

At the same time I've been preparing to move house later this year, trying to pack up the museum that's situated in the Guest House, which is quite a task! It's been accomplished with the help of family and loyal friends with more expertise than I have! Decisions and more decisions, what goes where, and with what! Yes, I do have nightmares about it all; keeping the awards, the framed photos, scripts and what have you all safe!

I've also been re-organising about seven huge scrapbooks which is a lengthy task, but every day a joy going over all these precious clippings, reviews, play bills etc. These go back to before the year 1910. I've been filing them in proper archival scrapbooks so that the paper won't crumble off and they will all be preserved. At the end of it all, they will be photographed by Digital Beta Cam for the use on a Documentary already started some time ago.

Last but not least, in my Laurel and Hardy world I have been reviewing the newest collection of Vision Video Limited tapes which are released in the UK. Absolutely brilliant - the remastering and audio is superb. VVL and the KirchGroup are to be congratulated for all their efforts to present these in such pristine condition. The Laurel family is truly grateful and proud of your efforts and what you do for Sons of the Desert.

At this point in time, here in America, we do not have them available - just a few on Laser and one DVD I believe. All of you in the UK are so fortunate! Thanks to my multi-system NTSC / PAL system I can show the great collections of tapes VVL sent me to friends and family. Thanks VVL!

Well, back to the scrapbooks!

Laurel and Heartily Yours for now!

Lois Laurel-Hawes

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