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Tense romantic moment captured by the still photographer during the making of THE BULLFIGHTERS. Stan Laurel both signed this photo and wrote a caption across it reflecting the stage direction he probably needed to hear at the time, "Steady lad!" Reason being, the actress is Margo Woode, latest protege of Joseph M. Schenck, who had been Buster Keaton's mentor, then chairman of United Artists, and later Twentieth Century-Fox. Miss Woode is unjustifiably billed third in this film, and never in the history of movies has anyone been billed so high, for doing so little, on screen. In FROM THE FORTIES FORWARD Scott MacGillivray cannot understand her lofty featured credit. BULLFIGHTERS is half over before she makes an appearance. Possibly she was busy doing something more important; maybe that is the answer. Numbered among Schenck's long list of "proteges" would shortly be Marilyn Monroe. Photo courtesy Twentieth Century-Fox.